Positivity: Don’t compare yourself. Be patient.

πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š This is really important for me at this current point in my life. I’m speaking for myself, but I hope it speaks to you and you gain something amazing from this.

This is a time in my life whereby I see plenty of different people around me doing exceedingly well, advancing and achieving great things and I am completely happy and pleased for them. But I just can’t seem to think when will my time be.

But this is when I have the most faith in God because I know He will pull through and that all my waiting will only lead to something greater and much more extraordinary and special.

Just because you may see people who have their life together and that things are working out for them that’s only what you can see and what that persons wants to show you.

You never knew what the person may have gone through to have what they have now. Everyone’s success happens at different intervals and times. God will never have you to lack anything or to suffer. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You bear the fruits which you sow.

You have to go through the struggle, the efforts, the grind, the heartache, the patience, the positivity and belief that regardless of the wait all things are working for your good. It will all pay off and it will all be worth it. Keep working hard regardless of yourself and those around you.

You’re more than capable, you have the capability to succeed, to do good and to have everything you want and deserve. You get in what you give, so give it all your all and give all that you have and more. When you’re about to give up remember where you started from and how far you’ve come. Life isn’t easy and its a never ending battle.

Just because everyone else may have it doesn’t mean that one day, eventually you won’t. You will have it greater and be far more blessed.

Remember it’s about the work you put in and the hunger you have for it that will determine the likelihood of receiving your blessing. Be productive and positive, better days are coming.

Don’t compete with nobody in this life apart from yourself. Work on bettering yourself and achieving greatness. Be happy. Be positive. Know that you’re in this for a beautiful and prosperous ride and that you can go at any pace suitable for you. Whether it’s fast or slow. Take care and focus on yourself. Be patient, be still and wait.

John 15:5

< I am the vine, ye are the branches, He that abideth in me and I in Him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. >


Rojina. X



Motivation: Get what you want.

πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š Whatever it is that you want to do, become, gain, have you can do it. 

If you want to be able to have your hearts desires, and all the things you’ve written down for your 2018 goals and new years resolution, know that it is possible and you have the potential to achieve beyond the ordinary. 

God will bless you this year, and whatever you need and desire God will allow for it to come pass, be patient and it will arrive. God will never allow you to lack anything in this life and He will establish you. 

Nothing is too hard or to difficult to achieve. Its just our mindset, or people by you that will attempt to discourage you and prevent you from experiencing and achieving all that you can. 

If somebody has been successful, why can you not be? 

Don’t limit yourself and your expectations, where God guides, God provides. 

If you have a plan, if you have goals that you desire to reach and if you are focused and if you’re hungry for it, girls and boys, you are gonna get it. There’s nothing more beautiful then wanting to reach all your goals, there’s going to be days when you work extremely hard or days when you procrastinate on your dreams.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get it, it doesn’t matter how you do it. Its the end result which counts, its the ending to the journey of achieving your goals, the dreams and desires you have. Its about getting to the end, knowing you worked hard, knowing you gave it you all, knowing you made sacrifices knowing you stayed motivated throughout the down days and the tough times and that you never gave up. 

God will provide and make a way for you, be patient and trust in His timing, remember its His plan and its His work, its His will, He will be the one that knows the right moment, He knows when to bless you, He is always on time. Be patient and don’t lose faith, we always become sad, annoyed and devastated when things don’t work out when we want to but that is not the care, continually seek God’s will and plan and He will give you more than you could ever plan of. Trust in Him. Wait for Him.

There’s dreams and plans that I want to achieve and there’s thing I have achieved already, I’m thankful enough and its all down to the hard work, the belief in myself. You have to believe in you if no one else will. It was down to the commitment knowing I’ve come this far from the beginning and I cannot stop, I have to keep going toward, I got to get to the end. Its been tough and it still is but I know I have the capability of achieving all that I set my mind to. Its about being motivated during the good and bad times. Its about looking ahead and not focusing on those who discourage you and want to see you feel and think you are basic or incapable. Let that motivate you let it drive you to prove them wrong, but when you achieve all that you wanted, do it for you and be humble, don’t show off or be petty, let God show them. 

We are masterpieces and we can do and get what we want, when we think about it, plan it, believe it, pray about it and ask God for it. 

Don’t stop. Keep pushing. Keep going forward. It will be worth it. You’re more than capable. Work hard. Believe and have faith. 

Psalms 27:14 // Wait on the Lord : be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.


Rojina xo


Self Love: Be the best, for you.Β 

πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š It is extremely hard currently to do, behave, act and love according to however it is that you want to. People will never be genuinely happy or supportive of what it is that you want to do with your life, time, effort and energy. That is why you have to be your own hype man/woman and believe in yourself. 

Be your own internal motivation. Rely heavily on yourself and what you want to accomplish. Whatever you want to do, however you want to live, love and be free, do it for your own good.

God instilled it in you for a reason, He made all these plans, aims and dreams specifically for you and so no one can relate or equal to the blessings and greatness God has for you. 

You have to love yourself, your life, your visions, dreams, plans, ideals and focus. Nobody will get you to where you want to be. You want to be a size 10, do it for you. You want to get a degree, do it for you. You want a car, do it for you. You want to love God, do it for you. Do every single thing you can do possible for yourself.

Its absolutely acceptable to love what you want to do, and that you have to be selfish for your greater good. People will abandon and leave you, but brush it off and remember you cannot stop. You have to be the best for you. You have to love yourself because nobody can do it as good as you.

There will be days when you may be low and feeling incapable, but you will have to love yourself and build yourself up on every aspect of your life – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. You will need to take care of your own self and invest in you. 

Be the best, don’t limit yourself. Don’t hurt yourself and put yourself down or even stop caring about you. This is dangerous and is toxic to your love and growth.

Remember God put you here to be an example, to love and to lead. To follow His perfect will and to live a righteous and blessed life. Victory belongs to us, we are already conquerors. Keep fighting. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Invest in you. Be the best. 

You are the best; and the best is yet to come. 

Its all love, its all joy, its all prosperity. Its all greatness. Its all self care.

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

1 Corinthians 2:9

Love, Rojina πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š 

Positivity: You will not be defeated.

πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š  The past couple of months for myself and for my loved ones around me has been quiet battling. There’s been ups and downs, theres been times that I have fallen and that I may have been feeling like I have not been doing my best. 

There has been times when I have been feeling joy, love, happiness and breakthrough in my life. 

That’s life.

Keep pushing through and keep aiming forward. You have goals and dreams and you have these plans that you want to achieve. You’re your own worst enemy, and there’s going to be people around you that will spread and feed negativity into you. 

Don’t ever stop, even if you feel like it, don’t ever give up. Don’t quit. There’s no point in giving up. You may be so close to your destiny and your God-given plan. God will never let you fail, He won’t ever put you in these storms and trials to make you stop. He is with you during these trials, He will be with you to guide you. He will give you peace and happiness that you’re looking for. 

It’s hard and it’s a battle. Don’t be defeated equip yourself with the things that you need in order to get by – motivation, positivity and self love. 

I’ve looked back on several different occasions, about why I was so mad, upset, why I acted stupidly in that manner and I never find the answer. Sometimes it will cringe me and confuse me. I didn’t need to give up, I didn’t need to say or do that thing that I did. 

It’s useless and it’s just negative to abandon all that you have and all that you need to give God, yourself, loved ones and this world. Live your best possible life. 

It’s a pain in the backside all the pain and negativity that you will feel. But listen to me. You will need to get stronger. You will need to focus. You will need to do and be better. You will need to sink these positive thoughts into your head. You will need to love yourself. You will need to get rid of all distractions, temptations and people in your life that are stopping you to be who you want to be. Don’t  ever give up. Remember your reasons for starting. If you’re going to compete with someone it best be yourself. Make yourself and God proud. Glow up and change yourself, your surroundings and your life. Live the best life possible. It’s all up to you. Start now. Don’t stop til you get it. You’re gonna do awesome. You’re gonna achieve all that you need to. I believe in you. I believe in me. Let’s start today and let’s begin this journey. Life has begun. The destination to greatness has begun. You can do this. Be you. Blossom and Grow.πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š

Self Love: It’s all about you.

πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š This life, the hardships, the beauty and the love is all that we need. All we need in this life is ourselves and we may find and love other people. We need God in our lives too. When we forget everything and people and begin to focus on us, who we are and our own beauty, we will transform into who we really are. 

Sometimes we actually lose ourselves and we forget who we are; γ€Šas I had done recently》this may be due to a lack of understanding of who we are, stress and abandonment of own love. Sometimes people can cause us to lose who we are; especially if we help them, fall in love with them and trust them. 

I myself have my own goals, dreams, plans and ideals for my own success, and I know that I can achieve all that I want with God first; and then secondly with my hard work, efforts and focus.

This life will require us to focus on ourselves and that the love that is in you will shine out; and that you become inevitable. You need to remember though; that if you want to do and become the best and if you want to find yourself and love the flaws, the perfections and who you are. It’s all about you. 

There were times when I was in my own destination to finding myself and I had to be selfish but for my own good. The love that was in me needed to come out and it was needed for me to learn to embrace myself and maybe it would be difficult to do all that when you’re with others. 

Love yourself first and you can love others. Embrace you and you can embrace the positivity. Change yourself and you’re open to the change. It all starts within you and when you tap into that power of you; everything will be fine and you will have that wisdom that you can do anything. 

Remember it’s all about you! Love you it’s your greatest power and your life surely does depend on it. Love you like nobody else can love you. Put yourself first and everything else will come back to you; once you place it in God’s hands; all things are possible. It’s all about you. 

Songs of Solomon 4:7 γ€Š You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.》 πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š

Motivation: Why you need to FAIL.

πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•ŠWe need to FAIL so that it can help us stay motivated, it can lead to an increase in our drive, in our determination, in remaining focused and being successful.

It will be pretty great if in all instances all the goals that we wish to achieve we were successful in doing so, but that isn’t the case as there’s time when we will fail. But if we look at it in the light that actually there are times when we do need to FAIL as it will help with our growth in order to change or steps, improve and increase our drive to be and do better. 

There are going to be people that are happy that we have failed and wish for us to fail; but don’t ever let these people bring you down; don’t let them keep you in that moment of self-pity, you have to use that as the motivation that you have seen me fail once but you will never see me fail again. 

Sometimes there are times when I fail at a university assignment and I know clearly why it is that I failed and it’s simply due to the fact that I have absolutely no motivation and that’s because I just lose my drive. When I find out I’ve failed I do tend to have negative emotions such as anger and frustration but I brought it upon myself so I shall not be mad instead it motivates me and drives me to do better. If I’m losing the motivation at the current time I know that I should focus on the fact that I do not like to fail. The drive that we have as individuals is extremely important in allowing us to focus and to push on to achieve what it is that we want. We need to have the drive to go every step of the race, never giving up even through the trials and tribulations and going harder and harder than ever before. 

Failing will allow us to be determined that what we just failed at will never stop us. Instead it shall mean that we will be determined to get to that spot where we want to be, to lose or gain that weight, to achieve that score. Once we have failed at doing all those things and we know what it is that we did wrong and then we plan and execute the goals to be able to do it we will then pursue it and so as time goes on we will be determined to make progress and get what we desire and deserve without stopping. The failure will show us what it is that we are missing out on and that we can achieve all the greatest with God as all things are possible with God and once we start to pray after our failure, it’s sure as likely that we will reach our goals. 

We will be so focused on our goals that when we fail we will cut the people out, rid of the hobbies and the actions that we were once doing while we was on that route to failure. We will completely flourish into a new being with only the thoughts, plans and actions of greatness and success. We will be so focused that there will never be things that will stop us from following and achieving what it is that we are capable of doing; as there may be people in our lives that will try and stop us but we have to be strong enough to not allow it. We will be focused that everything we do will be revolved around creating and manifesting our dreams into reality. 

The failure that we once had, the failure that caused us to think and believe bad things and the failure that hurt us and that may have stopped us from working hard. This was all so necessary to curve and to demonstrate the greatness that is to come. Maybe we had to fail because we were not ready for the blessings or the success that would have occurred. The failure does not define you in your capability or your talents and gifts. We are all human, we all have and will fail, I have failed several different times and will continue. I will never let it stop me or get me thinking in such a negative way as if I do decide then I have already failed. But instead then I need to think more positive and know that this failure will push me harder to do and achieve my next goals, that I have to be stronger, that I have to be focused. Nobody will see me suffer or fail. They shall only see me prosper and succeed. The failure proved to us that this ride to greatness is not easy and that we have to work harder and do things differently and we may break or hurt ourselves but at the end of it; success is ours. Decide not to give up, push on. You may have fallen but you can still succeed maybe not the way you were trying but maybe a different way, definitely God’s way.

γ€Š Jeremiah 8:4 | Moreover thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord ; Shall they fall, and not arise? shall he turn away, and not return? γ€‹πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š

Positivity: It’s a bad day, not a bad life.Β 

πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š There are going to be occurrences in our lives where we may think that it is a bad life, but in all reality we just had a pretty bad day. These bad days will come every once in a while. But that does not mean that we are not blessed, amazing, blessed, and exceptional. It does not mean that we are not loved, beautiful, happy, positive, special and growing. 

Don’t look that the bad day as a bad life. 

The bad day may consist of a number of things that may cause us to look at our current situation as the worst thing that has ever happened. We may fall and we may go through the trials and the tests. Bad things may happen in that specific day and time whereby we may be late for work, we may lose money, we argue with a loved one, we say or do something stupid or that gets us in trouble. Whatever negative thing it may be that happens never let it dull your light. You are far too amazing to let something that bad has happened to get you into thinking so negatively. 

The negative things that may happen are to cause a hinderence to ourselves and in the terms of Christianity it’s so that the devil can get you into thinking these negative thoughts and to give up on the good life. But we shall never give up on life. We shall become stronger and we shall push on and do and be the greatest that we can possibly be. 

There have been many times this year where I’ve been thinking that this year being my 18th has been the worst years of my life; and in all reality the negative things that have been happening have only be of minor things. Even though there may have been these trials and there tests God has blessed me with so much more and the blessings have been graceful and amazing. I am forever thankful. 

If we really start to think negatively and we act in a manner that is only deeprooting our lives as a ‘bad life then ultimately it could possibly happen by us doing the opposite of thinking and acting positive. Instead of screaming and crying guys do you know what we can do. Get up and change. Change the whole entire game. Do the best possible things and start to plan what it is that we can do. If we think it’s a bad life because we haven’t reached our desired body; instead wake up early, go to the gym; most importantly you gotta make sure that you’re eating the best possible foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

You got to start acting upon the things that you see as bad and not settle for the second best or think that’s it’s just your luck that you are living this way. If you are you are uncomfortable and upset about your current situation no one is forcing you to stay in the same state. 

You can literally get up; think that today is going to be a good, blessed and amazing day and trust me it will be. That’s not fate nor look; it’s because you believed it and your thought came into frutation. 

If you are willing for something to happen and if you really desire to do better please never settle for second best get up and go out there and do all that you can do; never satisfied to just put 10% in or 50% but instead put 100% in and regardless if bad things happen just remember that it isn’t a good life it is an amazing and good life and one day God will reward you and the greatness and blessings shall come. Have patience and faith; believe and trust in God for the goodness is arriving soon. We may not see it or think it but the negative things will lead to some positive things. 

Don’t be negative. Don’t think so negatively. It’s just a bad day not a bad life. Think and act positively and great things shall happen. Never settle, never be lazy, be content with everything that you have but know that you will go higher and that greatness is in store for you. Just know that all the positive thoughts and the acting is going to get you to where you need to be. You will not stay the same; when you feel discomfort you will change and you will have a desire to change and to be better. Listen: do all that you want to do, be all that you want to be and live the most happiest and greatest life that you can. Remember you’re extraordinary and that bad things happen so that it can remind us of all the good things that we have. Let’s go out and be conquerors. Let’s shine our light. Be positive. Think positively. πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒ»πŸ•Š

γ€Š 1 Timothy 6:12 | Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. γ€‹